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Meet Leadership Coach

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For 23 years, I had the incredible opportunity to work as a Corporate Director of Culture Transformation for the renowned brand, The Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Company. During this time, I provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and delivered keynote presentations to over 10,000 leaders worldwide. Unfortunately, my life was heavily focused on my career, neglecting my personal well-being, which eventually led to physical, mental, and emotional burnout. It was during this challenging period that I made the decision to rewire and reprogram my life, turning to the power of mindfulness and meditation. Before long, these practices brought about significant improvements in my overall well-being, and I awakened my inner courage.


Now, as a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Transformation and Mindfulness Coach, I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate mindful cultures that can prevent burnout and promote engagement. My mission and passion are to equip people with practical tools that guide them from a place of stagnation and overwhelm to one of peace and purpose. I am excited to share these invaluable lessons and insights with you. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey and awaken your inner courage!


Certifications and Accreditations:

C.I.J Clarity Catalyst Certified and Liscenced Coach – JG Enterprises, LLC/Stanford University

Certified Hospitality Trainer - The American Lodging and Educational Institute

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - The Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA)

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (200-hour) – The Veda Center

Targeted Selection Master Trainer – DDI (Development Dimensions, Inc.)

Certified Facilitator, 7-Habits for Highly Effective Managers, Leading at the Speed of Trust, Execution & Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results - FranklinCovey

Pranic Healing Level 1 practitioner – Institute for Inner Studies, Inc

Kambo Practitioner  - Kambo Detox 

Plant Medicine Practitioner

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Experience the immensity within.

"I would not be where I am today, with the wonderful life I've been given, without this course. And I am not alone in this experience. Not a year goes by when I do not run into other graduates who feel just as I do; grateful that they had the course early in their lives. We did not know it at the time, but the experience would be the first step in a lifelong journey toward the topic of this book."

- Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

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