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Meet Leadership Coach

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With 25 years of experience in leadership coaching and over five years as a mindfulness/meditation teacher and plant medicine student, I bring a unique blend of corporate and holistic expertise. For 23 years, I served as the Corporate Director of Culture Transformation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, providing consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and delivering keynote presentations to over 10,000 leaders worldwide. During this time, my intense career focus led to severe burnout, prompting me to embrace mindfulness and meditation practices, which profoundly improved my well-being and awakened my inner courage.

As a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and Transformation and Mindfulness Coach, I now dedicate myself to helping entrepreneurs and leaders cultivate mindful cultures that prevent burnout and promote engagement. I excel in architecting and strategically designing career and leadership development, succession planning, and talent management programs. My approach integrates mindfulness practices and insights from plant medicine, fostering holistic development that empowers individuals to lead with authenticity and resilience.

I am passionate about equipping people with practical tools to transition from stagnation and overwhelm to peace and purpose. Let's embark on a transformative journey together and awaken your inner courage.


Certifications and Accreditations:

C.I.J Clarity Catalyst Certified and Liscenced Coach – JG Enterprises, LLC/Stanford University

Certified Hospitality Trainer - The American Lodging and Educational Institute

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist - The Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA)

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (200-hour) – The Veda Center

Targeted Selection Master Trainer – DDI (Development Dimensions, Inc.)

Certified Facilitator, 7-Habits for Highly Effective Managers, Leading at the Speed of Trust, Execution & Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results - FranklinCovey

Pranic Healing Level 1 practitioner – Institute for Inner Studies, Inc

Kambo Practitioner  - Kambo Detox 

Plant Medicine Practitioner

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Experience the immensity within.

"I would not be where I am today, with the wonderful life I've been given, without this course. And I am not alone in this experience. Not a year goes by when I do not run into other graduates who feel just as I do; grateful that they had the course early in their lives. We did not know it at the time, but the experience would be the first step in a lifelong journey toward the topic of this book."

- Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

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